Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fascinating World of Butterflies & Moths

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Features: English Nonfiction, 112 pages, hardcover
Defect:got owner's name, some pencil marking, sellotape on the cover's edge. Contents are perfectly good.

This book introduces the reader to some of the extraordinary wonderful creature that make up this butterfly group. Butterflies and moths are the most vivid and popular of all insects, with their irresistible combination of bright colors, complex patterns, and harmless way of life.
A brief introduction to their biology and ecology is followed by a description in detail of a selection of the world's most interesting and attractive species, each beautifully illustrated in colours.

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  1. rm 25,termasuk pos ker? guna pos apa?

  2. X termasuk pos. kalo pos laju, postage is rm 10 (1.2 kg). kalo pos biasa, rm 5.